Update : Version 1.1.2 released ! Crack is out !! (changelog in screenshot below)

v 1.1.2

  • Enhanced compatibility

Download 1.1.2 Cracked : Official

PagePreview is here!
This addon lets you preview all your SpringBoard pages without leaving your current page, by just dragging your finger over the page indicator dots , rigth above the dock. It also allows you to instantly launch applications being on the page you're previewing, all with one single touch, no second touch required ;-)

Its coolest feature is that it allows you to launch any application, from any page, without leaving your current page or searhing among your dozens of pages for that icon.
Just slide your finger on the page indicator dots, and you can easily find the icon and launch it, on any page it might be.

Add more functionality to that dots with cool page-preview popups handled by the tip of your finger!

-Slide to any page with one move, no more scrolling 10 times left and right to move to the page you want.
-Preview all your pages with one touch & drag.
-Launch applications instantly, even if they are 15 pages away.

Notes :

Previous Version
1.1.1 : Official
1.0 : Official
0.9 : Official

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