Update : Version 1.1 released ! Crack is out !

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v 1.1
- Added hidden achievements
- Fixed X/Y button issues in landscape

iSNES is a fully featured Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator that allows you to relive all the classics on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Features include:

* Wiimote support with classic controller support through BTStack (btstack is required).
* Multiplayer on one device by using multiple wiimotes.
* Built in browser (no need to manually upload your ROMs).
* Achievements - a nice twist for added replay value.
* Excellent ROM compatibility.
* Cheat support.
* Excellent quality.
* Runs well on IPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2 and excellenty on IPhone 3GS and above.
* Landscape and portrait modes.
* Multiple skins and save states.
* Save state previews.

Repo : BigBoss
Version : 1.0
Autor : Bslapps
Compability : OS x3,iOS 4x
Price : 4,99$
ROMs are located in /var/mobile/Media/ ROMs/ SNES/

Notes :

Previous Version
1.0 : Official

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