Update : Version 1.4 released ! Crack is out !!

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    v 1.4
  • Added save state preview.
  • Added in app achievements (beta, more to come).
  • Added wii classic control support
  • Fixed some ROM downloader issues

iNES is an NES emulator for your iPhone / iPod Touch. It has many features and runs great on any device.

Features include  :

- Multiple save slots.
- Landscape and portrait views.
- Game Genie cheat code support.
- Download roms directly to your device with the built-in browser and downloader.
- High quality sound.
- Excellent rom compatibility.
- Wiimote support (The latest version of the free BTStack is required)
- Multiplayer support using two wiimotes on one iPhone/iPod Touch



Notes :
Previous Version
1.3 : Official

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