Update : iBooty has been updated to v1.6 ! Added a video tutorial. 

iH8sn0w has just updated his software iBooty, avoiding you to use libusb.
Here is a new guide quite complex to jailbreak your iOS 4 for iPhone 3GS new iBoot, iPod Touch 2G (MC) and 3G.
But this models MUST be with firmware 3.1.2 only !

You must have your ShSh blobs signed for 3.1.2 to downgrade if you have FW 4.0You will create a custom iOS 4 with Sn0wbreeze v1.7 and install with iTunes and iBooty

Pwning iBoot

  • Extract Payload Pwner-r4.1 with 7-zip.
  • Choose your model.
  • Choose Firmware 3.1.2
  • Pwner must create a file PAYLOAD and you must put it in the same folder as iBooty.exe


Create your Custom iOS 4

  • Disable NOR Flash must be ticked
  • Then tick options you need!

  • The creation of the custom firmware is still the same as this guide.

  Your custom iOS 4 is created and is located on the desktop of your PC.


  • Download iBooty and extract it into a folder.
  • Unzip with 7-zip your custom iOS 4 created previously.
  • Put kernelcache in the same folder as ibooty.exe
  • Also for IBEC located in « Firmware \ DFU ».
    And for DeviceTree located in « Firmware \ all_flash all_flash.n88ap.production \ \ DeviceTree.n88ap
  • Rename Kernel 4.0-Custom to  kernel.40
  • Rename iBEC 4.0-Custom to  ibec.40
  • Rename DeviceTree 4.0-Custom to devtree.40
Then you must have in the folder iBooty :
- iboot.payload – Created by Payload Pwner.
- devtree.40 – extracted from Custom iOS4 done with Sn0wbreeze.
- ibec.40 – created with Payload Pwner.
- bspatch.exe -  included in iBooty.
- iBooty.exe -  included in iBooty.
- kernel.40 – extracted from Custom iOS4 done with Sn0wbreeze.
- sn0w.img3 – included in iBooty.
- wait.img3 – included in iBooty.

  • Be sure to be with firmware 3.1.2 installed
  • Start iBooty.exe
  • Click on Prepare Device for Custom Firmware
  • Then start iTunes 9.2 and restore iOS 4 Custom.
  • At the end of the restore, your iDevice is in Recovery Mode.
  • Click on Boot It to leave Recovery Mode.
  • You are now with jailbroken iOS 4 custom.
Jailbreak is tethered, not definitive, restart iBooty (Boot it) after chaque reboot of your iDevice.

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