Here is a little help for novices in customization !!

  • FolderIconBG : Icon of "Folders" you create (size = 59×62 px)
  • FolderDropBG : it is the picture you see when you drop an icon into a folder (size = 177×177 px)
  • FolderSwitcherBG : it is the backgrounded picture of the opened folder (size = 320×480 px)
  • IconDarkeningOverlay : it is the picture used for shadows when you touch an icon (size = 58×62px)
  • SwitcherIconShadow : it is the picture used for the shadow of an icon in Multitask dock (size = 59×60 px)
  • WallpaperIconDockShadow and WallpaperIconDockShadowT : it is the shadow of icons in the Dock.
  • WallpaperIconShadow and WallpaperIconShadowT : These 2 pictures are shadows created behind the applications of the springboard.
  • FolderNotchHighlight, FolderShadowBottom, FolderShadowNotch, FolderShadowTop : pictures corresponding to an opened folder.
  • FolderTitleEditField : picture of the edit field when you modifiy the title of a folder.
  • MCNext, MCPause, MCPlay, MCPrev : pictures of the iPod commands in Multitask Dock.
  • PlayT, PauseT, NextT, NextOffT, PrevT, PrevOffT : black pictures for iPod commands but don't know for what it is...!
  • RotationLockButton and RotationUnlockButton : pictures of lock button in Multitask Dock.

Change the background of "Folders"

Good Customization !!!

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