Update : Version 0.9.31-1 released !

  • Compatibility Fix & other minor Adjustments

Download 0.9.31-1 Cracked for iOS4 : Official


  • Just un-rar file and place the 3 debs in /var/mobile/media/downloads and install with ifile or put in /var/root/media/cydia/autoinstall and the reboot your device.
  • Please note if you are using with Lockinfo, use the away view option in cydgets and and also you will still need to install lock clock hide even if you are hiding it with lockinfo. works flawlessly.

Cydget is the new Framework from Saurik for themes in LockScreen and it requires some additional plugin.
In short Cydget is more viable alternative to Winterboard regarding themes for Lockscreen. The potential of
this framework are many and can get things never seen before. Cydget is only a "container" that can then
be filled by us with various plugins available in Cydia. 

Cydialer is first plugin that Saurik released with Cydget.
Cydialer will cost you 1.74$, Cydialer shows your favorite contacts on lockscreen of your iPhone.

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Notes :

Previous Version
0.93-1 Cracked : Official

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