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RockRing is a app which helps you change your iPhone Ringtone at pre-defined time. It sets a pre-defined Ringtone at pre-defined time. Different times, different ringtones. And you can select the RockRing_Silent ringtone during a preconfigured time, (ie, a meeting).

Things you need.
- Putty (Win) / Terminal (OSX)
- GNU Debugger from Cydia
- openSHH

1) Install RockRing from the deb above or from the BigBoss repo.
2) Open Terminal and type: ssh root@xx.your-ip.xx
3) Enter your SSH password (by default): alpine
4) In Terminal type: gdb
5) Copy/paste the following in Terminal:

break *0x0000211a
break *0x0000212c
commands 1
silentprint $r5set $pc=0x2122
commands 2
printf "%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c",$1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7,$8end

and press return/enter.

6) Open RockRing.
7) In Terminal type: attach RockRing
8) In Terminal type: continue
9) Tap on 'Activate' and enter as serial: 12345678
10) In Terminal you will see your serial.

Close Terminal by typing 'quit' and confirm this by pressing 'y'

11) Enter your serial and enjoy RockRing!

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