We have seen like with Spirit is indeed simplest to carry out the Jailbreak of any device with the unblocked telephone part. Unfortunately, but, the first version of the software has created some problems, between all a cancellation of the present photos inside of the rullino (now resolved with the new version). To who it is not successful to pazientare a day in more before carrying out the jailbreak with the new version, we propose a simple guide today in order to inside restore the photos of the rullino in simple and fast way.

You need :

Before beginning, it must say that in order to recover the photos it is necessary to have made a backup with iTunes (what ago the Apple program in automatic rifle every time that we sync the iPhone with the computer). The program iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows is available only to payment. I then supply link to the version free that allows to extract to the maximum rows...

Guide to the recovery of the lost/deleted photos :

  • Step 1: Unload the program iPhone Backup Extractor, decompress it and execute it
  • Step 2: ...Clic "Next"...
  • Step 3: Now select the last backup created before executing the Jailbreak with Spirit and clic on the Next push-button
  • iphone-backup-extractor1 
  • Step 4: At the term of the analysis, you will be able to choose if recover the rows automatically or manually. I set up the second voice 

  • Step 5: Expand the Medium folder now and select between those appeared, DCIM like in figure. Then clic on the Next push-button
  • Step 6: Select now where to extract rows and clic on the Next push-button. Desktop is the best
  • Step 6-bis: In the case in which there are many images to recover, the process could seem blocked. Wait for without to touch nothing
  • Step 7: Clic on Finish
  • Step 8: Connect now to iPhone through SSH with WinSCP and go to /User/Media/
  • Step 9: To this point, it will be enough to drag folder DCIM (present of DCIM, extracted folder inside to the point 5), inside of directory /User/Media/ of the iPhone through WinSCP

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