Update 3 : iPhone 4 finally revealed in video ! You can check all the Apple's WWDC to see more...

Update 2 : More pictures !

On the eve of WWDC 2010, we have more pictures of the next-gen iPhone, this time from Korea (these things get around!). You can see there are both black and white parts offering additional prospects of a white front-plated iPhone being introduced tomorrow.


In what’s claimed to be yet another series of leaked images of the iPhone HD, MacRumors has publishes a series of images of a device as published on Taoviet.vn which seems to closely match the appearance of the previously-leaked ‘Gizmodo’ iPhone prototype. More pictures below.
Some key differences in this series is that the purported iPhone is shown on, seemingly running a screen diagnostic test. In addition, there are no screws on the bottom of this unit. Oh, and do you like the speed of the iPad? Good. Because this one has the same Apple processor.

If the images are real (and they do appear to be), they are said to have been made available by a foreign businessman who purchased it in the US.

These leaks emerge as most speculation suggests the next-gen iPhone may show itself at Apple's sold-out WWDC 2010, with a recent rumor claiming the device may also be made available from Verizon.

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