Update : Version 1.0.0-1 released ! Changelog below

  • MOD: Allow installation on iOS 4.2.1.
  • MOD: Changed method used for preventing installation on unsupported iOS versions.
  • MOD: Changed version numbering due to move from Google Code (svn) to GitHub (git)

    Download 1.0.0-1 : Official

    Move multiple SpringBoard icons at a time. 

    How to use :

    1. Place SpringBoard in icon editing mode (i.e. tap and hold any icon until all icons begin to jitter).
    2. Tap the icons that you wish to move; a "checkmark" badge will appear, indicating that the icon is selected (tap again to deselect).
    3. Switch to the target page.
    4. Press the home button; the selected icons will be moved to the currently-visible page.
    5. Press the home button again to exit editing mode.

    Notes : 
    • The target page must have space available for the selected icons; if space runs out, any remaining icons will not be moved. 
    • Installation 

    Previous Version
    svn.r130-1 :Official
    svn.r129-1 : Official
    svn.r125-1 : Official
    svn.r117-1 : Official
    svn.r112-1 : 4shared

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