Update : Version 4.2 released !

  • LocalSharing v2
  • Experimental Feature: Remote Uploading
  • 3.x firmware fixes

    Download 4.2 : Official

    Installous, application for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad which lets you browse for and install cracked apps straight on your device, is getting a major facelift. In previous announcements we discussed our plans, including native app installation, API polls, announcements, concurrent/multiple downloads and installation tasks, native interface for browsing, and graphical improvements.

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    Installous is relatively stable, but there are a couple caveats which you must take note of.

    • Native Installation has a small bug in which installations report completion a little early on older devices (iPhone 2G, iPod 2G, etc.). More specifically, older processors. We're not entirely sure why yet, and it's the reason why were we absurdly delayed in the public release. It is the default installation option, since most of our users are on newer devices. But if you're on an older device and you're installing a huge app, we suggest changing to bash installation in the settings tab by turning off native installation.
    • AppSync is required for this. Either 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, or 4.0 (which doesn't exist yet, but still).
    • It seems like the first time some people run it, it will not connect to apptrackr properly or something. Restart springboard or your entire device, and the problem shouldn't persist. We'll figure out what's wrong later.


    If you already have Installous from our repo installed, Installous 3 should come as an update. Upgrade to the latest version.

    If you do not have Installous yet, follow these steps:

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