Update : Version R13k released !

Sergio Mcfly had announced a release of iPhoDroid for Windows users and here it is !.
You must be jailbroken.
I remind you that iPhoDroid is an adaptation of Android OS on iPhone 3G only.
Still not compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

Notes :
  • When launching the application on Windows 7 you may have a strange error says "Apha Expired! New Release available", it can be solved by changing the date a month back (i.e. if the date of the system is Sep. 13 then change it to Aug. 13)

  •  Clic on Shoot, follow these steps very simple.

  • iPhone reboot.
  • You are now in Recovery Mode (USB cable on the screen).
  • Start again iPhodroid.exe

  •  Exit Recovry Mode.

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