Update : Version 1.2.4 released !

What's new
2010.Q1 map updates for EEU

iGO My way 2009 1.2.4 for Eastern Europe ipa

iGO My way Greece-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Turkey-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Czech Republic-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Romania-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Slovenia-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Poland-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Ukraine-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Estonia-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Hungary-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way-Slovakia-1.2.4.ipa

iGO My way 2009 (TM) for the iPhone offers a trendy and entertaining navigation solution at your hands. The software can be easily learned even by first-time users, who have never tried GPS navigation before.
On the other hand it offers a rich and valuable set of features and functions that most users demand. Numerous smart functions take individual needs into consideration, helping the driver to use the software more quickly and effectively.
IGO My way guides you to any address in Europe with the help of outstanding 3D graphics, clear visual cues and precise voice instructions.


- Maps are part of the application, so navigation doesn’t depend on cellular network coverage. No roaming fees, no surprises. It simply works everywhere.

- Better data: iGO My way utilizes the best of the breed Navteq maps in Western Europe. A special advantage: our own excellent Eastern European maps cover almost twice as much of the road network than any other solution.

- List of countries: AND, AT, BE, BIH, BG, CRO, CY, CZ, DK, EST, FI, FR, D, GIB, GR, HU, IS, IT, LVA, LIE, LTU, LUX, MCO, MNG, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SM, SCG, SK, SLO, ES, SE, CH, TR, UKR, UK, IRL

- Intelligent, thoughtful user interface with extra large buttons, simple icons, and a truly intuitive menu flow.

- iGO My way 2009 is quick to use, and easy to learn. The software only contains essential navigation functions.


- Navigating to iPhone Contacts
- Calling POIs
- Controlling Music Playback
- Supporting Multi Point Route
- QWERTY Keyboard
- 3D landmarks
- Junctions represented in 3D
- Smart Keyboard
- Lane assistance and realistic signposts
- Navigation resumes after an incoming call
- “Where am I? ” function for emergency situations
- Automatic time zone setting
- Auto orientation (portrait, landscape)
- “Vehimarkers ” (selectable 3D car models)
- Country-specific road shields
- Indication of the next 2 maneuvers
- Seamless navigation across borders and maps
- Route overview
- Automatic route recalculation
- Road type avoidance (freeways, tolls, unpaved roads)
- POI searching along the route
- Unlimited number of Favorites
- Tunnel Mode
- Speed Warning
- Fast, short, economical and easy-to-follow routes
- On-map comparison of route variants
- Smart History
- Map browsing/exploration
- Automatic day/night mode
- Route simulation

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