We can summarize in 7 news !
The SDK of Firmware 4.0 and Firmware 4.0 beta will be available for developers.
Firmware 4.0 will be released with the 4th generation of iPhone in Juin.

  • We knew it, the Firmware 4.0 is multitask, improvement of the interface for the management of several applications, Voice IP, GPS, Music, backgrounding...
  • It seems that iPhone 3G,V1 and iPod Touch 1G/2G won't support this feature in Firmware 4.0
  • We can now group our applications in FOLDERS !
  • All Mail accounts are grouped in a unique interface to manage this..
  • Manage several Exchange accounts.
  • New management for the application Mail.
  • Possibility to open enclosed parts with an application of your iDevice.
  • More features fro applications designed for companies.
  • A multiplayer network like XBox Live.
  • Several games at the end of this year will be available, many games capable to connect to themselves.
  • After the buying of Apple admoB, Apple proposes hiw own service for advertisements in the applications : iAd
  • iBook on iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Zoom x5.
  • Search on Google or Wikipédia thanks to Spotlight function.
  • Counter of caracters for SMS.
  • Synchronize your notes with different accounts.

  • The baseband will change with this new Firmware 4.0 : 05.13.03.

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