Update : Added application for DragonBall classic and Z episodes.

Download iDragonBall AF 2.00 : Official
Download iDragonBall GT 3.00-1 : Official
Download iDragonBall Z 3.00-1 : Official
Download iDragonBall 3.00-1 : Official

Watch all 4 seasons (109 episodes) of the sequel series of DragonballGT: Dragonball AF (After Future).

Make sure you have the following packages installed in order for streaming and downloading to work:
1. Safari Download Plug-in (To download)
2. iPicoTV (To access your downloads)
If you like DragonballAF, check out:
- iDragonballZ (All seasons for direct download)
- iDragonballGT (All seasons for direct download)
- iDragonball (All seasons for download)
- DBZ Movies (19 movies and OVA for download)

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