Update : Version 1.7 released ! Crack is out !


  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that invoked MobileSubstrate's Safe Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where users' home screen layouts were reset on install.
  • Real 4.2.x support. (Can't speak for 4.3 yet but it should just work.)
  • 4.2+: Folders no longer cause a black screen when rows * cols is less than the number of icons in a folder. 4.0 and 4.1 users should upgrade if they depend on folders.
  • Better compatibility with FolderEnhancer.

Download 1.7 Cracked : Official

Iconoclasm is a tweak that lets you break the barriers of what you can do with your icons. Previously, you had to deal with multiple extensions that didn't necessarily play nice with each other, or use blank web clips. Not anymore.You can define as many rows or columns you want. You can even break free from rows and columns, and simply have icons placed freely on your home screen. It's all up to you.

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Notes : 
  • Make sure you un-install FCSB first if you have it! And make sure you have Preference Loader installed before installing the deb
  • this update will not work with initial ipad jailbreaks so please don't install - An ipad ready update is on it's way!

Previous Version
For 3.2 and 4.x users only >>  
1.6.2  : Official
1.6 : Official

For 3.1.x users only >>  1.5 : Official

1.4.1 : Official 
1.4 : 4shared

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