Update : Version 3.1.1-1 released !
  • Fix: Fixed more app mobile substrate screen where you could not access last row.
  • New: Added developer API to refresh all toggles by calling notify_post( "com.sbsettings.refreshalltoggles" );
  • Fix: Fixed formatting in help screens.

      Known 4.0 Issues
      - Data toggle does not work. Install mData and use that. It works perfectly.
      - Activator issue with swiping statusbar. Configure an alternate method to launch app in apps in settings app.
      - Phone toggle not working well. Looking into it.
      - Landscape mode probably not working due to statusbar changes making it impossible to know when we are in landscape mode.
      - The rest is working well.

      Download 3.1.1-1 : Official

      SBSettings is a MUST-HAVE tweak.
      It will permit you to access quickly from your Springboard to enable/disable many fonctions like bluetooth, wifi, 3G, etc...

      Slide your finger on the status bar (top center of your springboard) to make it SBSettings appear.

      Notes :

      Previous Version
      3.1.0-1 : Official
      3.0.12-14 : Official
      3.0.12-13 : Official
      3.0.11-1 : Official
      3.09-11 : Official
      3.07 : 4shared
      3.06-B4 : 4shared
      3.06-B2 : 4shared
      3.06-B1 : 4shared
      3.0.5 : 4shared

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