Update : Version 2.0 released !! Crack is out !!


  • New Graphics
  • New Icon
  • Updated to 4.x
  • Bug Fixes

    Download 2.0 Cracked : Official

    PanicRoom is here for all your cleaning and deleting needs! PanicRoom can clear all your personal needs, such as: SMS/MMS, All Email Accounts, All Phone Logs, All Photos, Safari History, Visual Voicemail, Notes, Calendar, and the Syslog. Users have a choice to do one out of the 9 methods, or press the 'Remove All' button to quickly remove each item that the user picks from settings. If cleaning all your information isn't the approach you're looking for, then how about a 'Panic Button'. The Panic Button places a black screen on top of every single application, disables the home button, and allows the sleep button to only put the device to sleep. Finally, a fast reboot and resping button.

    - Enable from the Settings application.
    - Choose a method from 'PanicRoom Show'.
    - You can choose to have the 'Panic Button' and 'Remove All' buttons enabled/disabled.
    - You can choose the actions for 'Remove All Settings'.
    - Choose to have 'Corner Press Clear' put in the top left for closing the PanicButton window.
    - To disabled the 'Panic Button'; the user picks one of the 'PanicButton Close' methods inside Settings

    Winterboard to replace the images at: Bundle/ com.nakedproductions.panicroom/
    Winterboard Themes downloadable from Cydia

    ** You MUST choose a 'PanicButton Close' method for the 'PanicButton', or choose the 'Top Left Clear' to close it properly!
    ** All items get premaritally deleted and cannot be restored from the phone. You must sync with iTunes to return all your information to the state it was at before the deletion.

    Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    • All will be deleted without any way to restore with your iPhone.
    • Only a restore via iTunes permits to recover all your deleted datas.
    • Required Activator.
    • The application can be started since the Locksceen.

    Previous Version 
    1.6 : Official

    1.5 : Official

    1.4 : Official

    1.3.1 : 4shared

    1.2 : 4shared

    1.1 : 4shared

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