Update : Little Feedback

It seems that 2 exploits were found by Nishant Das Patnaik which would permit to jailbreak Firmware 3.1.3 but with the use of Safari, then without any computer. Discover these exploits here.

VANCOUVER, this wednesday, within the framework of the annual contest Pwn2Own (gathering researchers and hackeurs in safety system) still showed that it could pirate an iPhone not jailbroken, to exploit the faults of the Safari navigator on Mac and Internet to explore, Firefox on Windows Seven.

Charlie Miller, analyst of the safety of the capital in Independent Security Evaluators, gained 10000 $ after the hacking of Safari on a MacBook Pro without having a physical access to the machine. Miller refused to provide details on her exploit, but said that the target computer was compromised after having visited a Web site lodging the malevolent code. Peter Vreugdenhil, a researcher in safety independent of the Netherlands, will receive 10.000 $ to have to circumvent the safety devices in IE 8. The Nile, research director based in United Kingdom MWR InfoSecurity, also gained 10.000$ to have trrouvé a fault in Firefox. He refused to give his family name. As a student in data processing at the University of Oldenburg in Germany last year it gained 15.000 dollars for the exploits which it showed in 8 IE, Safari and Firefox.


And finally, Ralf Philipp Weinmann, of the University of Luxembourg, and Vincenzo Iozzo, of Zynamics German company, will share the price 15,000$ to have pirated the iPhone. They thus could steal (in 20 seconds) the contents of base SMS of your iDevice! It simply was necessary that the iPhone visit a Web site with the malevolent code, exploutant a fault in the numerical signature of the code of Apple.
This attack proceeds without you seeing it, even if that concerns that base SMS for the moment, it can as well steal you of the data like your photographs, images, to have access to your contatcts…

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