Update 3 : Addition of a new test video

Update 2 : Addition of new videos

Update : It was not a fake !! Production has started...

The dev has announced start of mass production with a delay of 4 to 6 weeks, priority of delivery to people who supported him with donations. Price seems to be about 30€ (40$).

  • iDongle sera compatible Firmware 3.1.2.
  • Modèles ancien et new iBoot.
  • Le processus de démarrage va être accèller daas le temps.
  • Le module pourra être upgrader en vue des futurs Firmwares.
  • Le module ne se fixera pas aux iDevices et la batterie sera toujours aussi grosse!.

This a prototype of an external device with a 9V battery which will permit you to start your iPhone if it reboots after a Tethered Jailbreak. Then, it does not need any software nor a computer ! Cool if you are outside... Let's see the price and if it's true or not...


Then Fake or not Fake ?

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