Update : More explanations about this project so long to come... (direct quote from Team)

Ok, I think it's time to clear up a few rumors that have been circulating!! Some people have been calling chronic-dev/greenposi0n fake and about how this is just a way to take everyone's money, or that we're just going to burn an exploit for 3.1.3. The facts are, we've always practiced safe disclose of the bugs we've found.

The 24kpwn vuln we found was already held onto for a few months before it leaked. We were planning to hold off until the 3gs was released, but we were forced to release early because someone had gotten a hold of it and was selling it online.

As for as the latest usb exploit, it's practically the same story. We found the exploit months prior and were waiting for the release of the ipod touch 3g. Sadly, progress on that was horribly slow because only one member of the team actually had access to a device, and he was very busy dealing with real world stuff at the time. This is the reason I started the first donation fund. When I received the device I was also the first to dump the keys from the device less then a week later, which (I'm assuming) is what helped geohot be able to run his first bits of code to develop blackra1n and then he released it shortly after. This pretty much made greenpois0n obsolete at that time.

Now it's the same story again. I will say we do have at least one new exploit that we've been sitting on for the past few months waiting specifically for the ipad, (NOT 3.1.3) but I'm not going to say anything more about it, other then, yes it's untethered.

As far as greenpois0n is concerned, it's been a long grueling 7 months since we first announced we were developing it. Unfortunately, not all of our members at chronic-dev are seasoned developers, and the few that are can only help sporadically in-between school and work. Since I probably had the most programming experience and free time, I took charge of the project and have sunk literally hundred and hundred of hours into development. From the first version written in 100% ARM assembly (the most fun I ever have had while not having any fun at all), down to the latest version, a beautiful iboot hacker toolkit and payload framework, work on greenpois0n has never stopped (although there were many months where I was the only person contributing).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, with all my time, sweat, blood, and tears (and adderall) that i've invested into this product, it really irks me when I see people calling it fake. And far as the donation thing is concerned, this something I really really hate doing. If I had a job and the money I would of never ever considered asking for any donations, and I was still reluctant to. The only reason I finally decided to post the chipin is because many people (including some of the devs who make all your beloved jailbreak apps) encouraged me to start this fund. They believed in me and were the first to donate. I'm not trying to force anyone to donate, take advantage of anyone, or holding anything for ransom. I'm just looking for some help to allow me to continue my research fulltime (which ultimately helps all of you in the end). I thank all the people who have already donated. But if you're still a skeptic, then that's fine too. (because you're probably the same ones that will come crying when you accidently upgrade your ipad, and then I get to laugh at you)

It seems that ChronicDev team is still there on jailbreak scene.
Here is what it seems to be a preview of a future ljailbreak software called Greenpois0n.

ChronicDev team works since a while on the jailbreak of the iPod Touch 3G.

Will the jailbreak be tethered or untethered ? Did they find a way to have a definitive jailbreak ?

Wait and see...

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