Update : Version 2.3-2 released !

  • fix backgrounder issue

Download 2.3-2 : Official

iSpanks is a new application with adult content which will be available soon and developed by eni9889, a member a Xsellize.

Here is his quote :

Hi guys,

As You Know I love to share what I'm working on with you guys here at xSellize becasue I love your feedback. My latest app is called iSpanks and yes it will be an adult app. I decided to make a separate one because of the overwhelming demand for adult content on i4iphones. I will be posting an alpha version soon in this post.

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So far Can:

  • Browse categories
  • Top 20
  • Most Recent
  • Stream
In the Coming Weeks:
  • Download Videos
  • Fake Icon
  • Maybe Upload
  • More Categories
I would like to know if people have any suggestions for what else I should include on the front page as well as the app in general.

Please let me know what you think and the deb will be up soon.

Notes :

Previous Version
2.1-2 : Official
2.0-5 : Official
2.0-4 : Official
0.1 : 4shared

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