Update : Version 1.2.3 released ! Not cracked yet...

1.2.3 - Readded ringtone volume controls, clearer control text.

Download 1.0.3 Cracked : 4shared

Define profile groups of SBSettings on/off toggles state, and set them up to fire on scheduled times or quickly with a shortcut from any app.
Tired of going via SBSettings to manage your Phone / 3G / Location / SSH / Bluetooth and other features all the time ? SBSchedule makes this easy to do with profiles.

Changelog :

1.0.7 - Fixed iPad support.
1.0.6 - Added a new Activator option for quickly glancing at your last used profile.
1.0.5 – Added support for setting brightness in profile.
1.0.3 – Icon support for toggles, more bug fixes.
1.0.2- Added support for even more on/off toggles.
1.0.1 – Added respring feature, sortable tables, more toggle support, bug fixes.
1.0 – Initial Release.

Notes :

- Install LibActivator and OpenSSL package from cydia before installing the deb.
- Respring

Previous Version
1.0.2 : 4shared

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