Update : Version svn.r216-2 released !

Download svn.r216-2 : Official

Kirikae is a free application from BigBoss on Cydia.

This tweak will permit you to manage Multitaking of several applications through a simple interface.


The difference with the application Proswitcher is based on graphism and th way to background an application :
  • Kirikae : you must start an application, put it in background with Backgrounder and then start Kirikae to manage backgrounded applications.
  • Proswitcher : start an application and then start Proswitcher and the application is backgrounded.
  • Kirikae is less greedy than Proswitcher and then more reactive ! But visually, Proswitcher is nicer than Kirikae!

Notes :

Previous Version
svn.r216-1 : 4shared

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