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Changes sleep-button behavior

Sleep To Lock locks and shows the slide-to-unlock screen without sleeping, press once more to sleep like normal.

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Aber1Kanobee) :
I've passed by this one several times in the tweaks section of Cydia, but today I finally decided to check it out. Have to say, this is a really sweet tweak to the native function of the sleep button. Instead of initially going to a black screen (sleep mode) it segments the first press of the button to your lock/slide to unlock screen, the next press will then put you into sleep mode. Also, if you have a nice looking battery, it sort of animates it, like its zooming into your battery upon the first press (when it changes from the Springboard to lockscreen)... Its also nice when your in Cydia or another app and you are waiting for it to load; when it times out or takes longer than your initial "sleep/lock" setting is set for, it will default to your lockscreen for x amt of time before going into sleep mode (x= the setting you have for Dim to lock) instead of going to right into sleep mode. If you are accustom to pressing the sleep button to toggle to your lockscreen and for initializing sleep mode before you slip your phone into your pocket, this is a "must have".

While this is available for free in the Cydia store, many of you have probably passed this one by again and maybe this post will provide a little more info and at only 3.27KB, convince you that this app is certainly worthy of a quick download.

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