Update : Version 3.3 released ! (changelog below)

Download 3.3 Cracked : 4shared

Five animated fish swimming in a fish tank rendered on the lock-screen of your iPhone. Complete with the bubble effect in the fish tank.



- All fish sprites redone. They are animated now! More realistic feel.
- Preference screen code cleanup and optimize
- No more loading screen. Jumps to aquarium in less than a second
- Setting image is now an animated gear
- Preference screen GUI buttons modified
- Code cleanup
- Preference screen updated with clock ON/OFF option added
- Preference screen GUI updated
- code tweaked and optimized for performance
- Removed the footer text « Made in ….  » to give a no obstruction user experience

- Brand new configuration/settings screen.
- Setting for 12/24 clock
- Setting for Date display ON/OFF
- Background image selection
- All settings persists and gives a simple way to customize the aquarium to your needs.
v2.0 :
- New in v2.0: 12/24 time display : Touch the clock to change.
- Touch clock to show / hide Date (YYYY/MM/DD) and Day of week display on right.
- Code changes for optimized performance

Previous Version
3.1 : 4shared 
3.0 : 4shared
2.3 : 4shared
2.1 : 4shared
2.0 : 4shared

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